Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our esteemed runners

  1. Is there accommodation facilities in Mugumu town and Fort Ikoma within and near the Serengeti national Park? And how much it cost per night?

Yes, you can get accommodation in Mugumu town in a standard Guest houses & Hotels costing from USD 12 to USD 80 per person, book in advance through the contact list provide in this website and our Hospitality students from SETCO College will assist you to confirm your booking.

There are numbers of tourist tented Camps/Lodges inside and outsite the Serengeti national park and other accommodation facilitiea are within Ikona wildlife management area (Ikona WMA) that you can book for your accommodation and its nearby stating line for Serengeti Anti-Poaching Run that will be held on the second day of 7th  July 2024. You can book through your Tanzania tour operator or through our travel package

  1. What are the services provides after the race?

You will have free snacks followed by after party celebrations where friends and family will come together enjoying drinks and traditional dances from different cultural groups. Safari trips to Serengeti National Park will also be organized for extra cost visiting Mara river where the wildebeest cross the river from Serengeti to Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya very amazing don`t plan to miss it. If interested with safari trip after the race please book via;

  1. Is there Equipment Storage place at the starting point?

No. We highly advising runners to keep their valued properties/Luggage’s in their guest house/Hotels during the race to avoid damage and lose, since the event organizer will not be able to take care of all runners luggage’s. The runners with private car they may keep their properties in their car but remember to lock your car before you left the parking area. Free parking space is available.  

  1. How to get Photo Service during the race?

We a have well equipped photographers team for the even and for personalised photos. After the race the photo link will be shared in our entire media channel including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp/Telegram  group and SMM website for free download.

  1. What is the race Timing?


Day 1: July 6th : Starting time will be: 21KM -6:30am, 10KM – 6:50am, 5KM – 7:15am and

Day 2: July 7th: starting time will be: 10.5KM – 6.50am and 5KM -7.00am. Please make sure you arrive to race assembling point at least 30 minutes before the starting time.

  1. How is transport arrangement from Mugumu to Fort Ikoma?

It’s possible to reach Mugumu with your private drive or public transport from Dar es salaam, Tanga,Moshi, Arusha, Dodoma Mwanza, Musoma and Tarime.

And on the second day, we will have buses that will carry runners from Mugumu to Fort Ikoma 28km for free. Departing time from Mugumu to Fort will be 5:15Am and assembling point will be at Sokoine stadium.  But for those with private car, its allowed to use your own transport from nearby towns and Centres like Mugumu, Musoma, Bunda, Natta, Robanda to Fort Ikoma since this will help you to manage your leaving time after the race. Free parking space will be available to all.

  1. When and where can I collect my BIB/race Kits?

Race kit collections:

Date: 01 – 05th July 2024, Time: 7:30am – 6:00pm (7:30h – 18:00h)

Venue: MUGUMU; at SETCO (Serengeti Tourism College)

           MWANZA; at Rock City Mall ground visit our registration tent.

  1. Can someone collect my race Kits for me?

Yes, but the following documents will be required for confirmation:

  1. Copy of your ID/Passport used for race registration
  2. Copy of his/her ID
  1. How can I make payment for my race ticket & registration?

You can pay through;

  1. Can I donate extra amount or Equipment to support game Rangers?

YES; through our special race of Serengeti Anti-Poaching Run that happen at Fort Ikoma to Ikona WMA, we collect different equipment to support our game Rangers and Village game scouts –VGS that can help them during their Anti-poaching patrol. We accept things like Backpack, torch, first aid kits, GPS, Rain jackets, jungle patrol boots and any other item that you can donated.

  1. How is your Refund Policy

No refund for any purchased ticket.