Elizabeth C

Mr. Samwel and his team organized a great event for my husband and I and a couple other travelers during our time in Serengeti! The official race had to be postponed for logistical reasons, but they gladly offered to still have a 10k “fun run” and even entertained my request for a 20k fun run so I could meet my half marathon training goal. The running crew consisted of about 20 local (very friendly and talented!!) runners and us travelers. It was an incredible experience to run with the local running team through their hometown, and even have other locals join us for the run, impromptu, along the way! Even for a “fun run”, we were offered water, electrolytes, bathrooms, traffic safety, a photographer, and snacks along the route, as well as t-shirts and medals to be sent to us back in our home countries once they became available. 110% hospitality and quality. Totally recommended.